Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Some Progress

Well we are making some educational progress at last. Why now I hear you ask? Well, the long awaited Lego club magazine came today and was used as a springboard for some educational activities. We read the 'Power Miners' story for our literacy, including some very challenging vocab I might add, and used a few choice words for our minimal approach to copywork. Then, we completed our Friday challenge from The Woodland Trust and decorated our dining room window with snowflakes and paper snowmen. And to top it all off we made a gnome boot keeper from a dolly peg and some felt; the latter task even included sewing. I explained the Maths questions and ds answered whilst I wrote the answers. It was all very peaceful and lovely. Even ds2 got involved with the snowflake crafts to earn his Snowman sticker. I feel quite overwhelmed. I am going to find the magazine now and plan some stuff for tomorrow. A curriculum based on a Lego magazine. Hmmmm, now there's an idea for you.

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Claire said...

See now that's where schools have got it all wrong... lego is the way to go!