Thursday, 28 June 2012
Caroline has a great giveaway over at The Joyful Keeper.  One Thousand Gifts is a fantastic book.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Edward's Juice Experiment

 Well I could tell you about the baby not gaining weight and how I gave up raw to eat more and put on a stone but that the baby gained weight so it was all worth it.  BUT instead I want to share with you about Ed's juice experiment.  There was recently a post on Facebook about saying yes.  It really challenged me.  My Ed, who is 6, has some really hairbrained plans.  And quite often I find myself saying 'NO'.  In fact it was becoming something of a stumbling block in our relationship.  So I decided to start saying 'YES',... well at least some of the time anyway.
So Ed wanted to open a juice bar.  I did say hairbrained.  Lol.  Well, I thought that if we did some experimenting with juices and milkshakes, we could invent some of our own recipes and have a juice party, where we could give out tokens with the invitations to use as cash.  So it would kind of be a juice bar , if you see what I mean.  So here are the results.  Today we also made some fruit shaped stamps to create invitations, but that is another post. I'll follow up as the adventure unfolds.
Love Jo x