Friday, 27 September 2013

Unschooling Rhythm

I love unschooling.  I love that the children are free to learn what they choose, when they choose to learn it.  And it happens most unexpectedly.  One minute you'll be overseeing a game of Lego and the next you'll be reading a book about threatened species and discussing climate change.  It's fascinating.  I do find, however, that I need a little routine in my life, and that I crave to move with the rhythm of the earth,... with it's days and months and seasons.   I've always loved the Waldorf approach to seasonal and natural living, though for a while had abandoned it because all my boys wanted was Lego and Horrible Histories with a good serving of Minecraft on the side.  Life got a bit chaotic, though, and felt rather aimless and a little housebound.  As a result of this I decided to make changes to our routine.  To add more focus upon the rhythm of days and seasons.  To get out into the outdoors a little more and leave technology behind us for a while.  And so, whilst we are still unschooling, we are doing it alongside, and sometimes within, a loose framework of celebrating the earth's movement through time.  This week that has included lots of time in the outdoors, looking at how the earth is changing in our new season, being thankful to God for the bounteous plenty we have in this part of the world, considering those who have less, and using that bounty in our cooking and artwork.  Here are some pictures from our Autumn journey so far.  I hope you enjoy them.