Friday, 6 July 2012

Crafty Fun

We have been doing a lot of craft over the past week, mainly due to the inclement weather keeping us indoors. We had a great time painting.  We used cut up old credit cards for spreaders and corks, cotton reels and a variety of different shaped lids for printing.  What an amazing picture we created!!

We also did colour mixing by painting each hand a primary colour and then rubbing our hands together to see which new colour was produced.  Fun!!!

One of the things we did was start to make a postbox for playing postmen.  We cut a hole in a cardboard box and covered it in gummed tape.  What amazing stuff!!! It's like papier mache without the hassle.  It means that we'll be able to paint the box easily and without the smeary brush marks you get when painting directly onto glossy cardboard.  I'll post a pic of the completed item at a later date.

Happy Crafting
Jo x