Sunday, 29 March 2009

Recent Stuff

Historic Dockyard at Chatham

Spring at Sissinghurst on our recent trip to Kent.

Growing stuff.

Lyme Park.

Jodrell Bank.

Knitted legwarmers by Mummy.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Feeling a bit downhearted at the moment. Can't put my finger on anything specific; I think it's just tiredness and hormones. One thing that did upset me, however, was that someone pointed me towards some comments regarding Deborah Drapper on the Richard Dawkins blog and they were heinous about Deborah, her family and Christianity in general. Call me naive but I really didn't realise just how much we were hated in some sections of society. I know Jesus said to expect it but I still found it shocking.

The last few days have been lovely here. We have been in the garden mostly; we even had a picnic out there today. Wills loved sitting on the picnic blanket with his toys and playing; he was so content. I am getting a lot of washing dry too, that is when the big boys aren't squirting it with their water pistols. Ds1 made us a treasure hunt today. The treasure was some green buns left over from St Patrick's day yesterday. Speaking of which, St Paddy's day marked 15 years since me and dh got together, under a table in a jazz cafe in Innsbruck (we were wild back then).

Tomorrow we meet with Graham Badman at our local HE group; deep joy!!!

Jo x

Friday, 13 March 2009

Around and about

We have just returned from Warrington where we stayed with dh whilst he was training some clients. The boys have decided they prefer hotels to home because they're tidier,... hmm, I wonder why guys?! I must admit not having to do any washing up, fabulously powerful showers and a cooked breakfast every morning does appeal, but tbh I do like my home comforts. We had a lovely time whilst Daddy was working; on the first day we visited the Jodrell Bank radio telescope which was very interesting and quite captivated the boys' imaginations. Today we went to Lyme Park so that I could prance about pretending to be Elizabeth Bennet. Unfortunately (although the boys cheered) the house and gardens were not open, but we did have a lovely time walking in the parkland and playing in the play area.
Tomorrow I am trying to raise some much needed cash by having a table at a second hand toy and baby equipment sale. I have smuggled lots of toys into the boot of the car this very night. Or dh did to be more precise. They've ignored them for months, but if they knew the said toys were being sold all hell would break loose. I feel kind of guilty but I do need the money and they have far more toys than they need anyway. How much money we raise remains to be seen.
Enjoy your weekends folks.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

First night in wool and a failed treasure hunt.

Well we had our first night in a wool soaker last night and no leaks which is amazing because we always get leaks on a night, even in lovely Motherease wraps. I am very happy and will definitely be ordering more lovely soakers from Carley at . Last night I finished knitting the lovely wool rabbit for our Seasonal table, so I made a trail for the boys with eight clues leading them around the house. They were very excited about doing the trail this morning but their response to the rabbit was 'is this it?!?!?' I am more than a little deflated. Apparently they thought it would be buns. Hmmm, so Anne of Green Gables is bang on when she reflects, in Avril's Atonement, that the culinary arts are the way to a man's heart. I like my rabbit, though, he is lovely. Simple things eh.....

Thursday, 5 March 2009

A grand spring day

This morning we went to FairClaire's fairtrade coffee morning.

This afternoon much Knex was built.
Nappies were hung on the line to dry.
Blown eggs were batiked.
And put on the season table; the boys thought they looked like dinosaur eggs.
The seasonal table is now very springlike.
We twisted some branches and added ribbons to make streamers.

Everyone was very excited when our veg box came.

Mummy might not be eating cakes this Lent but she made quick work of this homemade toffee.

William is enjoying his food too.