Saturday, 11 September 2010

Our Family

Some Photos

I've done a couple of wordy posts recently so I thought I'd add some pictures into the mix. Enjoy.

Throwing a Sickie

Well today I am unwell so I am in bed, snuggled under my lovely Cath Kidston duvet cover (I very cleverly bought one years ago in Ikea when the lovely lady wasn't so popular - I have good taste you see, lol) baby happily gurgling beside me, kids playing in their rooms across the landing (Indiana Jones is being evangelised by my 5 yr old as apparently he's much too fond of those stupid idols, lol) and dh holding the fort downstairs. Now that I am no longer vomiting incessantly (sorry tmi) I have a cup of tea on the bedside table and I am surfin', surfin', surfin'. I am slightly disappointed as I should have been meeting with friends for a sewing morning today, BUT reading blogs and finding online crafting sites is almost as good,... almost. Anyway, I thought that it might be nice to share some of my findings, thoughts and musings. So here goes.

I really like this free online magazine, Rhythm of the Home
I particularly like the fleece baby bootees in the Warmth section; would love to make these for Li-Li if I get the time. Also, it's given me the inspiration to start to live more seasonally again. Last year we had a lovely season table and did lots of seasonal crafts and activities; with the baby coming, however, we seem to have ground to rather a halt. Our summer season table has been a rather pathetic offering of some colourful bunting draped around our season tree ( a branch set in air drying clay in a vase). Am definitely going to get into the autumn spirit now.

Jackie over at Hedgerow Ways posted a couple of lovely links this week. The first was Farmama. Wow this lady farmer/farmer's wife is so awesome. Her veggie growing/ preserving and crafting is so inspiring. Loving her log cabin quilt. The site which has really inspired me, though, is Plain and Joyful Living and it's ideas for Handmade Holidays. I made lots of my Christmas presents last year and had intended to do one or two a month this year to avoid the last minute mad rush. Hmmmm, then I had a baby. So I must get started soon in order to avoid pointless novelty gifts from the high street. There are lots of gift ideas on the blog but the idea I like the best is to have a Handmade Holidays notebook. You can find out about it here.
I am definitely going to start one. I have found lots of gift ideas on Wee Folk Art which are lovely.

Anyway, the baby is now nursing, and I seem to have grown a nine year old boy on my elbow.

Blessings to you all.

Friday, 3 September 2010

An Award

The lovely Jackie at Hedgerow Ways and Fireside Days has given me an award. Something about being versatile, which is nice. Anyway, now I have to tell you seven things about myself. So here goes.

1) I love curry. Vegetable Biryani is my absolute fave and when I was pregnant, Phil only had to ring the local curry house and ask for 'the usual' as I ate it so often. They had a buy one main course and get one free offer on and we really did take advantage of it.
2) My favourite ever book (apart from the Bible, obviously) is Anne of Green Gables. As a younger person I actually died my hair red because I wanted to be Anne so much. How sad is that?! If I had money I would be one of those eccentric ladies who collect Anne memorabilia; there are, I have found, many websites out there which sell such wonderous items. Ooh, I'd just love an Anne doll. If I am ill I eat tomato soup on the sofa, snuggled under my duvet and watch all my Anne videos one after the other; it cheers me up no end. This is by far my saddest online admission ever.
3) My house is sooooooooo untidy but I am trying to overcome it with planning and organisation. Lol.
4) I love cheesy low brow tv such as 'Four Weddings' and 'Come Dine with Me'. When you are the type of person who would happily buy an 'Anne' doll, other people's lives are very interesting. Lol.
5) I love to sing. I make everything into a song, particularly with the little people in my family. We have a nappy changing song, a tidying song, an I love you song,... it goes on. My older children hate my singing and think I'm bonkers.
6) I love museums and art galleries. My favourites are The National Gallery and The Museum of London. I once got shushed in the Courtald Gallery for enthusing over a lovely impressionist painting too enthusiastically to my then 2 year old.
7) I am a secret Royalist and will have a party with Union Jacks, jelly and ice-cream when Will and Kate wed.

That's it. Seven things about me.
I pass this blog award on to:
Leah at Homegrown Babies
A very versatile lady who is always striving to know God more and 'walk the talk'.
Sarah at A Mother's Heart
Another Godly girl who is forever seeking to hone her family life for God's glory.
Claire at Now We are Six
Claire is very versatile and is always learning new crafts and astounding me with how quickly and competently she picks them up.