Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tax Nightmare Continued

Well I have finally filed my tax return. I am going to put in a 'Reasonable Excuse' form because it is unreasonable to have to phone them 15 times to get a simple IT problem fixed. And if they make me pay they are scuppered 'cos I earn absolutely no money. I have CB but would they really make me cough up out of that?! Snowing here, but not really enough to make a vast amount of difference. Hope it's not too bad overnight as we don't want to miss digging in Evesham tomorrow.

Finished Will's woollen nappy wrap last night. Haven't lanolised it yet but put it on over his pul wrap today 'cos it looks so sweet and I wanted to show it off (very sad). Tbh they're more longies than a soaker so it was okay to wear them on top iykwim. My next project is to knit some bedsocks for my little sis's birthday. I hope she doesn't read this. Sorry hun for spoiling the surprise if you did. I have finally found my chargers so I will charge up my phone/camera and get some photos on here.

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