Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Housework and etc.

I am really struggling to get on top of the housework atm. Every time I put LO down he sqawks - I use the sling for as long as I can and for the tasks it's appropriate for but I am just not able to do it all of the time. And because he doesn't have much of a routine as yet it is so difficult to get anything done. result: the house is barely fit for human habitation. Hey ho!!!

Good news on the weaning front - it is going fantastically. I love blw - it is so freeing and he is just devouring anything I put in front of him atm. I even had a pooey nappy with real food bits in it yesterday, so he is definitely 'eating'

I am reading an excellent book at the moment called Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour by Susan Perrow. I bought it when a fellow mum at toddler group asked if ds2 is autisic.
Then another lovely lady said he needed more discipline and suggested we smack him. In response I smacked him once after battling with him for an hour to dress him and we both cried for ages before I decided that my earlier non-smacking instincts were actually correct. So I am at the end of my tether with a very challenging but adorable little boy whose role as youngest and mummy's baby has jus been usurped in HIS eyes. So we are addressing each issue with a suitable story as the occasion arises and I think I just might be making some progress. I'll let you know how we progress.


Jackie said...

Jo are you on the gcm board? (Gentle Christian Mothers. which google)
Sounds like you would get a lot of help and support there?
If ds2 is 'on the spectrum' and there's some who say we're ALL on it somewhere, honey!, then what he needs is just guidelines, boundaries, and certainties. Not a gurt wallop as us says down yur. There are about a million moms on there who can help :0D

joc4jesus said...

Thanks Jackie. I have the application email somewhere in my inbox. I must fill it in. I have always been anti-smacking but the lady who spoke to me about the scripurality of smacking was so persuasive. I have been praying about it since and just keep coming back to 'let him who is without sin cast the first stone' and 'turn the other cheek'. If those things go for adults, surely they also go for children?! We've had a slightly better time getting ready this morning. He is very challenging though, and ultra hard work. I am always told that school will sort him out but tbh I think it would just exaccerbate the problem. I think tbh the fact that I am sooooo tired at present due to night feeding doesn't help. Hoping that the weaning will help with that one.
Thanks for your kind words.

Mam said...

I find it really hard to know what to do when the biblical smacking brigade start too.
Your baby is still very, very young, none of you have had time to shake down and get used to him being here yet, six months is a tricky age I find as they can't do all that much to entertain themselves yet but are getting heavier to carry round and more aware of their surroundings so hating being put down. Plus the rest of the world expects you to be 'back to normal'!! I found it gets easier when they're a bit older and more of a 'child' than a 'baby', he'll possibly find it easier to keep himself entertained once he can move around? And you might have a little bit more time and headspace then to deal with the others, and your ds2 will have another child to play with and have had time to get used to things? The house can wait!! You're doing the most important job in the world already.

Claire said...

Jo, I don't think you have too much to worry about with DS2. He is finding things he can control, when his world has been rocked by DS3. Mam seems to have said it all. Somedays I feel as if I have had a succesful day if they have all been fed, and I've managed to do a load of washing (putting it all away doesn't count!) And this is without home schooling. Don't be hard on yourself, and go with your instincts with discipline, I have a good book if you want to borrow it.

Lynn said...

Hello Jo!
remember, everything is for a season! Of course it is lovely to have a cosy, clean home, but, you have very young children, you homeschool & you Knit.
Enough said ;)

joc4jesus said...

You're all so lovely. Thank you.

Wendy said...

I found this link from Lynn's site, I think there's some good stuff here but as always - sift with the word of God!!

Hope the snow doesn't stop us on Monday!! love, Wendy