Saturday, 21 February 2009


Well spring has officially sprung. Today the boys spent all afternoon in the garden with various offcuts of wood and the tool box fashioning a 'cat house' for our poor beloved three legged feline. It is rather a ramshackle affair and the cat won't actually enter it but I am rather proud of their efforts and dead pleased that they enjoyed the fresh air for so long. I have changed the cloth on our season table to a lovely green and the snowdrop fairy has arrived to herald the onset of spring. I am very excited about it all, especially since we go on a busman's holiday to the Kent coast with dh at the end of March. I hope the weather will be as lovely as it was today. Speaking of today, my Myriad order for dear nephew's birthday arrived today, and with it a catalogue. Oh my, I am going to be selling things on Ebay to fund some purchases.
True to form my littlest has awoken and is screaming the place down.

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Lynn said...

ooooh, Myriad! dangerous!