Wednesday, 8 April 2009


This year one of my resolutions was to build more, rhythm and joy into our lives. We have tried to do this by being 'present' in the moment and trying to celebrate the every day. We've also started to take note of some festivals that we consider important. Today we celebrated Passover. We are not Jews but we are Christians, and the Passover story is an important part of our heritage. It reminds us that however enslaved we are by satan in whatever terrible situations, our God is a deliverer and a redeemer. So we had a huge cleanup in anticipation of friends joining us, and then we ate our Passover meal, complete with Sedar plate and Haggadah service. It was wonderful; I think the kids were a bit bored in places but overall we all thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think the experience will be repeated again next year, unless of course our Saviour returns....


ambersun said...

What a lovely post. I think it's great to celebrate important festivals.

God Bless


Mam said...

Yes it astonishes me how some people don't know that Jesus was a Jew, I think it's important to set his life firmly in context.

Lovely idea to have your Passover meal :-)

Hazel xx