Saturday, 18 April 2009

Busy busy

Well I had some time off today when a very dear friend took the boys to the park for a couple of hours. Yes I even let my littlie go. I would have missed him terribly except that I was far too busy making habitable ds1's bedroom. Imagine wading through a sea of Lego and dog-eared Beanos, strewn with random articles of crockery (which are not really allowed in the bedroom I might add). That's how it was this morning. NOW it is an oasis of calm and orderliness. Three binbags full of clothes and toys no longer required have been despatched to the charity shop (or at least are waiting to be despatched in the back of the car) and several items have disappeared via Freecycle. Yesterday I gave the same treatment to ds2's bedroom, and with some shelves I managed to liberate, we now have a very organised home ed section in our family room. Overloaded of course (I do have a tendency to buy and buy and buy books) but organised nevertheless. I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel for my badly in need of tlc home. I mean I would love it to look like something out of Country Living, but with three small boys and a distinct lack of funds for home furnishings, that is not going to happen. But at least it is a little cleaner in a couple of corners. Long may it last.


ambersun said...

Good on you for the organisation.

I have trouble enough organising myself - I am in deep admiration of anyone who can organise with kids.


Claire said...

Well done you. I think we have a few rooms here that could do with the same treatment!!

Alex said...

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