Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A good day

A great day today. We made Christmas cards, some rather excellent Joseph dream coats for our Jesse tree and a fabulous prayer chain out of old Christmas cards. We watched The Grinch, sang carols, ate some rather fabulous Spiced Parsnip and Pear soup and made a spiced house cake ready to decorate tomorrow. I washed some clothes and nappies and managed a sinkful of washing up. However, the house is still a mess and Edward has peeled wallpaper off in the hallway. Somehow, despite his many ways of driving me absolutely crazy, I can never be mad with him. He's just too cute!
Will upload photos soon.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

You are getting so much done!
I don't believe you did all that.
All I did was nearly get arrested.
I'll tell you about it later :0)