Friday, 9 October 2009

Hello again

Hello again. Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while but I've been rather overwhelmed for the last few months. All my boys are now a year older and a new baby is on the horizon. I am 12 weeks pregnant and am just coming to the end of a period of nausea and tiredness. I didn't quite expect that baby no. 4 would come quite so soon after no.3 but, having got over the surprise we are now delighted, although wondering how we will afford a bigger car and if we can move house should the baby be a girl. We are sure, however, that those details will merge into insignificance when we meet our little one; God knows what we need and has them in hand. I hope to get back to blogging more regularly soon, but for now I will leave you with our news and say goodnight.


September said...

Congratulations on your wonderful news, what an exciting time for you :-)
love and hugs
September xx

Pippa said...

Congratulations!! I hope your sickness fades very soon!

I think you're right about letting things pan out the way they're meant to. When we lived in a little 2-bed terrace in town, we had all three children (under 4) in our bedroom, in little cots around our bed. It was never planned that way, it just seemed to end up like that because the front bedroom was so noisy because of the road. When I think back to that time, I never remember it as being crowded or cluttered (although it was), just happy. Babies really do only need warmth and love in the first year and I you will have plenty of that for this lucky babe!

Danigirl said...

Wonderful news, hugs to all of you, Clair x

Lynn said...

Yay! congratulations, Jo!!!!!!

Nicky said...

A practical suggestion for if you have a girl as I have already congratulated you on your 4th gift from God.. you move into the 2nd bedroom and put the 3 boys into the 1st bedroom. I have a friend who has twin bunks in the 1st bed for 4 boys and her girl has the 3rd boxroom, it works for them :)

Pippa, your set up sounds like it was just lovely :)

Mam said...

Whoooo-hoo congratularions!!

Don't worry about having a girl, it's irrelevant until they hit puberty, my nine year old boy is still in with 2 of his sisters for now. I know of 2 families who not out of choice but out of necessity kept boys and girls together well into their teens, and they're all fine, they are siblings after all not unrelated friends of the opposite sex. It's another worldly lie, sexualising children far too early, when the world and the media tells you that it's a disaster to put them in together especially when they're only little. 2 generations ago they'd've all been in the same bed, boys at the top girls at the bottom!

Hazel xx