Saturday, 7 March 2009

First night in wool and a failed treasure hunt.

Well we had our first night in a wool soaker last night and no leaks which is amazing because we always get leaks on a night, even in lovely Motherease wraps. I am very happy and will definitely be ordering more lovely soakers from Carley at . Last night I finished knitting the lovely wool rabbit for our Seasonal table, so I made a trail for the boys with eight clues leading them around the house. They were very excited about doing the trail this morning but their response to the rabbit was 'is this it?!?!?' I am more than a little deflated. Apparently they thought it would be buns. Hmmm, so Anne of Green Gables is bang on when she reflects, in Avril's Atonement, that the culinary arts are the way to a man's heart. I like my rabbit, though, he is lovely. Simple things eh.....

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Lynn said...

oh, Jo! I feel your knitterly pain! LOL!