Thursday, 5 March 2015

Easy daffodil garland

Pinterest is awesome but some of the crafts on there go rather beyond the capability of my three year old and I.  We attempted handprint daffodils the other day and got something more like a daffodil coloured massacre in paint.  Maybe we should submit it to the Tate Modern as some kind of abstract masterpiece.  Or maybe not.  Anyhow, I decided of late that it would be nice if we could decorate for Spring/Easter and that some kind of daffodil bunting or garland would be just the ticket.  Joey is really the only one of my boys who is terribly enthusiastic about crafts (TERRIBLY enthusiastic if you know what I mean) so with our joint limitations in mind I decided to design my own based on the resources we had available.  And should any of you internet lovelies be quite as challenged as we are when it comes to the cutting and sticking business, I have uploaded our step by step photos below. Enjoy! 

I drew a vague daffodil shape on yellow felt.
I cut it out.  This could have been done by an older child but Joey's scissor skills aren't quite that 
developed just yet. 
 I drew daffodil leaves on green foam and cut them out too.
 I tore up lots of orange tissue paper which Joey scrunched up and stuck in the centre of the 
daffodil to represent its trumpet 
He also stuck the leaves to the back of each daffodil.
I threaded each one onto green wool, using an embroidery needle.
I hung up our lovely garland and basked in the joys of spring.

Happy Crafting.

Jo x