Saturday, 23 March 2013

This boy!

This boy is almost three years old.
This boy only eats sweet things.  Yogurts, fruit, jam and bread.
This boy climbs on counter tops to steal Easter eggs hidden away for safekeeping.
This boy draws on freshly painted walls with felt tip pens.
This boy paints the television with nail varnish while his mother is cooking the dinner.
This boy climbs on chairs to climb on furniture to hang out of windows.
This boy breaks his mother's prized heirlooms.
This boy breaks his brother's Lego models.
This boy has escaped from the house twice and been brought back by an off duty police officer.
This boy causes havoc and mayhem wherever he goes.
This boy has speech and language delay and is being assessed for further developmental delay.
This boy creates lots of hard work.
This boy is one of the reasons I get up on a morning.
This boy makes my soul sing.

Sometimes you just need to remind yourself that the mess, the hassle and the strain on your physical and mental health is sooooooooo totally worth it.  I love you Eli. x

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