Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Will's Birthday

Well last Wednesday my little chap had his first birthday. It was a close call as to whether or not he'd be well enough to celebrate but in the end he was fairly chipper. I was so excited and was up until 3am on the morning of his birthday decorating the family room and wrapping presents. We bought him a Myriad stacking rainbow and a pushalong duck with flappy feet from Treeblocks. I also made him a lovely birthday crown, which he was not too impressed with having to wear, a family of knitted sheep, a felt cube and a bedtime bag. Later he received a new carset (horror of horrors it cost £105 - I nearly passed out from having to part with the cash but apparently we have buckle crunch and so a less expensive one would be dangerous) and a huge array of wonderful unique and handmade gifts from friends and family. We had a lovely party in the evening with friends from church; unfortunately our families live too far away to make it easy to attend such events. He loved the attention and had a super day, not at all phased by any of it.

I can't believe that a year has passed since he first entered our physical world. Of course he lived in our hearts long before that day, but it was so momentous meeting him in the flesh for the first time, especially when we had lived with the shadow of chromosomal abnormality in the preceeding months. When I think that we could have lost him if I'd had the amniocentesis, and he was perfectly healthy after all, not that we would have loved him less had he not been healthy. It's been a fantastic first year. I always worry that you won't have enough love for another child, yet somehow love seems to stretch to encompass the new bundle without thinning elsewhere. He is such a fantastic chap; he is funny and loving and adventurous and a little bit mischievous and I am soooooooooo proud of him. My darling boy.




Claire said...

What a fantastic celebration. I'm glad he was able to enjoy it all, and he has some lovely gifts too. More belated birthday wishes Will.

Arlenkern74 said...

happy birthday will xx lovely crown and cake xx

Mam said...

Wow I look away from your blog for what feels like two minutes and your baby has turned into a one year old!!! I love first birthdays they feel like very special milestones. Glad you all enjoyed it. Hazel xxx